Enhancing and Promoting International Business Communication

Enhancing and Promoting International Business Communication supports SMEs to improve their international competitiveness.

It has been found that, companies which undergo a proper (i.e. regulated) communication audit tend to operate more effectively in selling their goods and services into markets where their mother tongue is not spoken. By signing up and taking part in the audit scheme, the companies are taught intercultural skills and communication skills, which are reflected in an increased annual turnover.

The EPIC scheme helps businesses overcome language and cultural barriers in international trading.

EPIC offers the business person and entrepreneur an innovative way of trading internationally by using a business manual specifically designed for the exporting industry. It promotes a multi-cultural Europe within a common European framework by operating from a common platform and distinguishing each company’s individual recipe for success through a close up auditing process.

EPIC offers the private business sector a unique opportunity to adopt a scheme, which when implemented will help raise the individual trader’s turnover and create new possibilities for expanded cross-border trade.


The LCA audits on the way in Italy

DSC 0217After the LCA training course held in Italy on the 5th and 6th November 2015 within the EPIC project framework, the first audits have started in the companies. 11 students started contact companies from wine, tourism, agribusiness which export their products in foreign markets. Almost all students have already carried out their first audit, fist inviting companies fill in the pre-audit questionnaire. All auditors are trying to collect the required info on the companies on the web. In some cases the first company visits are been done with the export and communication managers. The Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” (CCD) aims at collecting all 20 audit reports within middle March.

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Time of LCA Audits - a situation report from Poland

DSCN4054From the first days of February 2015, 10 Polish Auditors started auditing in the first group of companies from Podkarpackie region. In the first place managers or owners were asked to fill out a special questionnaire before the Audit. At that time, the Auditors were trying to gather all the information on the company that can be found on the Internet. In a few cases the first company visits and interviews with staff responsible for communication and widely understood exports have already taken place.

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Language Communication Audit Training in the Basque Country

IMG 20141204 100115Elhuyar Consulting, together with another five European organisations, is participating in a project on the importance of language management in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EPIC: Enhancing and Promoting International Business Communication; 2013-1-PL1LEO05-37888). The aim of this project is, firstly, to explore all the aspects of language management in companies and institutions, and for each project member to bring this theory to the socio-economic and cultural characteristics of his/her country, and secondly, to train advisers so that they can conduct language audits in SMEs.

Once the first aim had been met, the second aim was tackled during the first week of December. Theoretical and practical training sessions for carrying out language audits in companies were run over two days at the headquarters of the Elhuyar Foundation. The trainers were Prof Stephen Hagen and the expert consultant Peter Zoltán, while the participants were university students, representatives of public institutions and Elhuyar Consulting staff.

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LCA training in Poland

DSC 019018 and 19 November 2014, LCA experts visited Poland. In Rzeszów held training for 10 selected candidates. Each participant is fluent in at least one foreign language and knowledge of cultural diversity and cultural elements that affect the intensification of business relations.

As a result of training auditors shall be able to assess whether the way companies communicate with their foreign clients is correct, whether the selected communication strategy is effective, which communication errors cause a loss of foreign customers, how to customize the website to consumers in a particular country, and most importantly, what action to take, that in the future no longer make mistakes in this area.

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LCA training in Palermo, Italy

EPIC LCA in Italy m3The Center for Creative Development „Danilo Dolci“ held a training in Language Communication Audit as part of the „Enhancing International Business Communication EPIC 2013-1-PL1LEO05-37888“ project. The course took place on 5-6 November, 2014 in the city center of Palermo and was led by Prof Stephen Hagen, Emeritus Professor of Multilingual Business Communication, and Peter Zoltan, Communication expert and consultant from Hungary.

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the fourteen selected participants were eager to learn about the ways for improving the communication strategies of local exporting companies. After two days of intensive and interactive exchange of knowledge and experience, the course was marked as a success due to the enriching element for all, both trainees and trainers. Participants were introduced into different Language Management Strategies, ways to increase and improve their inter-cultural skills and of course, to the process of the LCA, while during the practical part they were invited to work in groups for increasing the flow of new ideas and to participate in various simulations on the different steps during the Language Communication Audit.

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