Enhancing and Promoting International Business Communication

Enhancing and Promoting International Business Communication supports SMEs to improve their international competitiveness.

It has been found that, companies which undergo a proper (i.e. regulated) communication audit tend to operate more effectively in selling their goods and services into markets where their mother tongue is not spoken. By signing up and taking part in the audit scheme, the companies are taught intercultural skills and communication skills, which are reflected in an increased annual turnover.

The EPIC scheme helps businesses overcome language and cultural barriers in international trading.

EPIC offers the business person and entrepreneur an innovative way of trading internationally by using a business manual specifically designed for the exporting industry. It promotes a multi-cultural Europe within a common European framework by operating from a common platform and distinguishing each company’s individual recipe for success through a close up auditing process.

EPIC offers the private business sector a unique opportunity to adopt a scheme, which when implemented will help raise the individual trader’s turnover and create new possibilities for expanded cross-border trade.


LCA training in Lithuania

P1060048To solve problems related to the language communication, Kaunas CCIC together with 4 project partners are implementing the international project „Enhancing International Business Communication EPIC 2013-1-PL1LEO05-37888“. With this aim Language Communication Audit practical trainings took place in Lithuania on 16 - 17th October 2014. The trainings were given by experienced trainer from Hungary Mr. Peter Zoltan.

In Lithuania, 20 language communication audits will be carried at the beginning of 2015.

Participants‘ feedback:

Miss Sandra Uknevičiūtė:

„Very useful practical tasks, nice, very friendly atmosphere and nice opportunity to gain into new insights. I was impressed by excellent management of trainings and the way the trainings were carried on. It helped us to understand information and to use it in practise. Impatiently waiting for practical tasks when in reality we will be able to audit companies. During the trainings we received very intresting insights on different cultures such as arabic and chinese. I enjoyed to be involved into the practical task analyzing an export company. Want to say many thanks for the organizers and the trainer.“

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Scheme Managers Training in Hungary

The Scheme Managers Training took place together with the third management meeting in Hungary.

The training programme began with a case study relating to the costs of communication errors with foreign partners and went on with the introduction of national case studies. Each partner received tailored case studies for the training manual. The practical part of the training went on with the explanation of group exercises and with the introduction of the practical methodology of the Language Auditor Training.

For the smooth selection of participants, selection of consultants was discussed in details. Selection criteria and the list of basic competencies were presented to the trainees. Roles and responsibilities of the Scheme managers were introduced. Some practical exercises helped Scheme managers to understand why selection of auditors is so important. Selection of auditors, organisation of the Language Auditor Training programme, monitoring auditors’ activities and record keeping were discussed. Next steps in the project will involve auditors recruitment and their training in partner countries.