Enhancing and Promoting International Business Communication

Enhancing and Promoting International Business Communication supports SMEs to improve their international competitiveness.

It has been found that, companies which undergo a proper (i.e. regulated) communication audit tend to operate more effectively in selling their goods and services into markets where their mother tongue is not spoken. By signing up and taking part in the audit scheme, the companies are taught intercultural skills and communication skills, which are reflected in an increased annual turnover.

The EPIC scheme helps businesses overcome language and cultural barriers in international trading.

EPIC offers the business person and entrepreneur an innovative way of trading internationally by using a business manual specifically designed for the exporting industry. It promotes a multi-cultural Europe within a common European framework by operating from a common platform and distinguishing each company’s individual recipe for success through a close up auditing process.

EPIC offers the private business sector a unique opportunity to adopt a scheme, which when implemented will help raise the individual trader’s turnover and create new possibilities for expanded cross-border trade.


The first LCAs are coming

newsSince we get involved in the EPIC project we’ve made many contacts with different companies, associations and public administration, in order to explain them the benefits that they would get from involving in a language management process. The work done so far starts bringing results little by little, and we have already started to make our first audits. Most of the companies that joined us belong to the industry sector (automobile industry, foundry, machine tool), and all of them have been previously or are currently involved in plans for the management of the Basque language. Therefore, it’s clear that the commitment towards Basque language involves also a commitment towards languages in general.

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The LCA audits are on the way in Italy!

italy2The activities of the LCA auditing in Italy are coming to an end. 10 students of the LCA training course have already made the first audit, and now they are concluding the process of translation and layout of the audits. The Centre for Creative Development "Danilo Dolci" expects to collect all 20 audit report by mid-May, since the auditors are translating their audits in English. The CSC is coordinating the audits in collaboration with Confindustria, the leading business association in Italy, and other associations. Mainly the companies under review are wineries, organic producers, tourism companies. In Italy the EPIC project has trained 14 students and the quality of the reports received so far is good.

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Partners meeting in Spain

DSC 8650In San Sebastian (Donostia), from  12th to 14th of March current year, a penultimate partnership meeting in EPIC project took place. Partners responsible for implementing language communication audits in companies shared their experiences and discussed the attitude of entrepreneurs to the whole process. Apart from the main area of EPIC project, partners summarised other remaining tasks and verified their advancement. A work plan for the following months was outlined, and also the last partnership meeting in Palermo was scheduled to take place at the turn of June and July.

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Audit request

RequestLanguage Communication Audit Tool is now avalible on project website.

Filling up short questionnaire will acquaint an Auditor to basics data needed to carry out full interview which result will be shorted main audit time.

To use the tool, please click on „Request an audition” button and complete the questionnaire!

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Meeting of Auditors and business representatives in Lithuania

epic lt3On February 25th 2015 in Kaunas a meeting between Auditors and companies was arranged in the framework of project „EPIC – Enhancing and Promotion International Business Communication, N 2013-1-PL1-LEO05-37888“.

More than 20 companies from Kaunas and Marijampole regions expressed their interest in Language Communication Audit. The Audits will be carried by 11 Auditors competent in business, marketing and communication or consultancy issues and proficient in at least one foreign language.

The project manager and Head of International relations of Kaunas CCIC Ms. Rita Baidokaitė highlighted the importance of international business communication for successful cooperation with foreign partners. Language communication strategy, communication with clients, websites and other issues were also discussed.    

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