Below you will find some of the most common questions we encounter when discussing the Language Communication Audit. If you cannot find your question below please email us on the address on the bottom of the page and we will respond and add your question to the FAQs.

1. Why would my company need an audit?

From your role within the company you might have found that operations are not always running as smoothly as they could. It might be glitches in telephone communications to foreign clients, not being able to respond in the customer’s native language, insecurity when using foreign languages, having lost a contract without knowing the reason behind etc. There are as many reasons for why might need an audit as to the number of solutions. Each company is individual in its trading but all companies can face similar communication problems. If you are relatively certain you have some form of communication issue, you probably need an audit.

2. How much does it cost?

Each country is individual in its pricing. Our figures will be published in the next six months.

3. How long does it take?

The entire process takes up to two months. This is to allow for time to send questionnaires, do a review, write a report and receive feedback from the company. It is after that up to the company to decide whether or not to implement any suggested changes.

4. What is the success rate?

All companies, which have undergone an audit have been satisfied. They have all received concrete suggestions to changes which can be implemented in order to improve every day communication, to begin trading in new countries, to receive more visitors to their website with a higher turnover as a result etc. Approximately 70% of all audited companies have increased their turnover. In some cases the suggested changes can mean a major shift in the way the company communicates and will therefore take longer. Each company is as a consequence given a short term and a long term solution if the audit calls for it.

5. I need to reduce the number of staff in my company and want to keep only the good communicators. Can you help with this?

The audit does not operate as a selection process. It can however distinguish or help the company distinguish between various skills present in the company at a certain time. Whichever skills you decide to keep are not the result of the auditing process but the conclusions the company has come to as a result of the auditing process.

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