What does an Auditor do?

What Does an Auditor Do?

A Language Communication Auditor is a communication reviewer who through a process establishes where a company fails in its communication strategy with its cross-border and overseas clients. Communication refers to all types of transfer of a message from A to B including verbal, non-verbal and intercultural communication. It is the auditor’s role to understand and convey where the link is broken in order for the company to repair it and increase its turnover as a result. 

The auditor works in clearly defined stages:

1. The auditor is contacted by either the company interested in the audit or the organisation in charge of the national scheme and is given the completed pre-audit questionnaire. This gives the auditor the opportunity to study the pre-audit questionnaire with the first details about the company size, line of business, primary export destinations etc.

2. The auditor phones the company for the initial conversation, during which the pre-audit questionnaire is discussed and a time is set for the auditor to visit the company.

3. The auditor visits the company, during which he/she speaks to the relevant staff, collects information and makes a first deeper assessment of the communication channels and any communication strategy in place. A possible second visit, depending on the size of the company, is set up in the close future. 

4. The auditor analyses the company’s communication channels, its Language Management Strategy if there is one and writes a report covering all findings. The report describes the present and existing communication channels (Internet, telephone, fax, e-mails and Skype), mentions their strengths and weaknesses, and makes recommendations for the stakeholders to improve the company’s business communication with foreign partners and customers. The report ends with the introduction of the auditor and a privacy statement. In the case where there isn’t a Language Management Strategy in place the auditor suggest the outlines for one.

5. The auditor contacts the company to hand over the report with the suggestions on changes to the company’s communication strategy. The auditor may send the report to the company owner or give a presentation about the findings. In this case stakeholders can ask direct questions about the recommendations and improvements the auditor recommends to be made.
The company also receives a feedback form to return to the auditor. 

6. The auditor receives the feedback form from the company, which ends the reviewing process.

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