What is the LCA?

What is the LCA?

LCA stands for Language Communication Audit. It is an auditing process, which a company can sign up to undergo in order to identify what language and intercultural barriers are preventing the company in its cross-border trade.

It is a five stage process out of which the last stage is voluntary:

I. The company submits a pre-audit questionnaire containing basic information about the business and is then contacted by an auditor who prior to a visit studies the company.

II. The auditor visits the company and carries out the review.

III. The auditor writes a report outlining the causes for the communication barriers and possible solutions to the problems.

IV. The company submits a post-audit questionnaire giving feedback to the auditor about the process, its mechanism and the received report.

V. The company implements the suggested changes.

Companies who have had an audit and who implement the recommended communication features invariably increase their turnover either by way of improved efficiency, improved cross-border communication with existing customers and/or by beginning to trade in new countries. 

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