Elhuyar Zubize

Elhuyar Zubize (ZUBIZE) started 20 years ago the first Basque-plan in the enterprise world as a result of an agreement with the Basque Government. From then, we have designed, developed and evaluated Basque plans for over 100 enterprises and public institutions.

Besides linguistic consulting work, ZUBIZE makes strategic plans and sectoral plans; audits and monitoring tools; processes to promote the use of Basque language; and helpful material to use Basque at work.

Today we have two main fields of activity: the Basque language and participation; yet our goal is this: to offer services that will lead to improvement on the basis of participation and equality by working on the collective building of many spheres of society, with little used languages being taken into consideration especially.

Elhuyar Zubize
Zelai Haundi 3
Osinalde Industrialdea
20170 Usurbil