Change Management Consultancy Ltd

The Euro-Friend Change Management Consultancy was founded in 2009 in order to provide consultancy services to multinational companies in Hungary on the following fields: Change Management, Managing Human resources, human side of Lean production, stress management, TQM, 8D Problem Solving Process, Quality Awareness, Strategy Planning and Risk Analysis.

The company has two constant members, one of them is the owner who is a managing director. Her responsibility is the financial management of the company. The other constant member of the company is an accredited change management consultant.

The company has a project structure. If a contract is signed the management allocates/contracts special experts of the field. The company has 3 independent free lance consultants and trainers. Experts from the organisation have participated in developing competency based human resource systems, created competency database, developed competency based recruitment and internal training.

Euro-Friend Ltd
Lövölde u. 36
6726 Szeged